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Auto body Services

Margate Paint and Body, Inc. offers a variety of auto body services, all with great efficiency. We understand the importance of working with a reliable auto body shop. Whether you're needing collision repair, glass repair or a paint job, we take pride in all our services. We'll take care of your vehicle with no worries on your end.

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Paint Jobs

Let Margate Paint and Body, Inc. help you customize the look and feel of your ride. Seeking a new paint job? Let us take care of that for you. Our experts are meticulous with an eye for detail and we will transform your ride into a luxury automobile! Have a few nicks and scratches on your existing paint job? We can match the color perfectly and apply a new finish that will leave your ride in better condition than ever before! Anything you may want to customize your ride we can provide for you!

Plus, talk with us about our ceramic coating services! Through the application of ceramic coating, you can eliminate all those costly waxing services. This revolutionary process binds with your vehicle's paint without affecting its luster and creates a repellent barrier against scratches, stains and more! Call us today at (954) 973-8441 to find out more about our services!

Body Work

Accidents happen without warning and can cause destructive damage to your vehicle beyond belief. At Margate Paint and Body, Inc., we strive to offer you the best auto body services for any type of vehicle. From simple fender benders to front-end collisions, leave it to our experts! We offer a varied range of collision repair services that will restore the damage to your ride fully. In need of a new bumper? We've got you covered. From dent repairs to fender repairs and replacements, there's no better auto body shop than Margate Paint and Body, Inc.

Glass repairs

A damaged windshield can cause a safety hazard. When you have a large crack in your windshield, your vision can be impaired, and it can make it difficult to see the road. No matter the size, Margate Paint and Body, Inc. can fix your cracked glass! We have the technology and tools available to get your windshield looking brand new in no time.

Headlight Restoration

Overtime, headlights can develop a dullness that is not only annoying but can be potentially dangerous. Headlights play an important role in helping you see at night and during hazardous situations like storms but they also help other drivers see you on the road. If you have noticed your lights not shinning as brightly, it may be time for headlight restoration services. With a simple application and wipe, we can buffer away the cloudy film that's developed over your headlights!

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